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Local Pasture Raised Chicken

We're proud of our chickens. We work long and hard to ensure that we have the best product available for you.


We strongly believe that all animals should be treated with care and compassion. Our chickens are all raised on pasture from the time they can withstand the elements, to the time they are sent off for processing. A happy chicken is a tasty chicken.


Pastured chicken just tastes better. If that isn't enough, all of our chicken is 100% air chilled. Most grocery store chicken is chilled in water, which dilutes the natural flavor of the chicken. The chicken also absorbs 2 to 12% of that water which you are then paying for. Everything you buy from us is 100% chicken - not water.

Community Driven

All the chickens we sell are raised on our farm using locally sourced grains for their food. When it's time to become food, they are sent off our local poultry processor (Morrison's Custom Poultry Processing).

About Us

Three Strands Farm is located in north Newtonville, about 10 minutes east of Orono. Our vision is to provide quality poultry products that are ethically raised in pasture to our surrounding community.

Meet The Team

Ross Chambers

Ross Chambers

A stay at home dad that clearly thought he had to much time on his hands. He runs the farm while caring for The Minions.

Anneka Chambers

Anneka Chambers

A full-time Executive Assistant, she is the glue that keeps everything running and the picker up of slack.

The Minions

The Minions

Caleb and Rebekah are the next generation of chicken farmers. If Ross is tending to the chickens, The Minions aren't far behind looking for their opportunity to help (or so they say).



Charged with the protection of the flock, he is quite possibly the friendliest dog you'll ever meet (unless you're a coyote).


What's New On The Farm

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Under normal circumstances, we have a very open farm that welcomes visitors at all times. However, due to COVID-19 we are only allowing visitors during pickup of their chickens.

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